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Dates and places

Where no precise date of a birth , death or marriage is given the date and place refer to the Quarter in which the event was registered and the location of the Register Office that the event was registered at. An example being Sep 1845 Uckfield which means that the Birth, Death or Marriage was registered in the Uckfield Registration District (which includes Mayfield and Rotherfield) some time between July 1st and Sep 30th in 1845 . After 1876 parents had 42 days in which to register a birth, so a child born in mid-May could still be registered in the Sep Quarter. Prior to 1876 there were no penalties for failing to register a birth. Details of the area covered by each registration district (and a wealth of other information) can be found at the GENUKI website.

Additional information

For virtually all the families in existence before 1911 I have at least one census entry and usually many more. Censuses were taken every 10 years from 1841 and have been released up to 1911.


Although all the 20th century birth, marriage and death indexes are available on the net (for a cost) at Ancestry or Findmypast. I have decided not to show the dates or places for anyone who is aged up to 110 . Again, I expect you to use the same constraints if I supply you with the full information on your family.

Accuracy and Copyright

Most of the information on this site has been deduced by me eg. Florence Sarah Fenner was born in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire in 1878, I know from the 1891 Census that other members of her family were in Yorkshire in the 1890's I have assumed that she married in Pontefract ,Yorkshire in 1898. I have NOT made the assumption that her sister Amelia Constance Fenner also born in Chesterton , was married in West Ham, London in 1893 as I have no evidence it is the same person , despite the fact that I have no one else in my databases with those christian names. (It is always possible that it could be a second marriage or someone born outside England and Wales that I may not know about). I always err on the side of caution until I can find a link .

For this reason I always advise people to check any information I send them - this can be done easily by purchasing copies of the relevant birth, marriage or death certificates either from the relevant local registration office or from the GRO using the references given on the  FreeBMD website. If it is not on there yet then ask me for it.

As this site is usually comprised of information I have linked together I regard myself as holding the copyright. I however have no objection to you publishing the basic information that you can obtain from my website, though I would prefer it if you only showed the information for your direct ancestors and their siblings (and not their siblings children, grandchildren etc.). This will help to keep down the number of errors that may have occurred.

I will object if you publish details of living individuals or  if the information is to be posted on a pay-to-view site - I have supplied it freely to you so I don't see why someone else should have to pay to see it.  

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